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Sompura is a community of sculptors who are known as the men behind many beautiful Temples in India. As Indian Architecture is a preserver of its tradition and culture, Sompuras as architect are the founders. They have created zenith of architectures and have spread the art into the world. They took the possibilities of hard rough rock cut architecture to quite unexpected extremes of fragile and eye-catching beautiful sculptors. In design they fascinate evidence about the earliest Indian religious architecture.


Sompura architects have made ancient temples like Somnath Mahadev Mandir, World famous Jain temples of Delwara-Palitana- Ranakpur, archaic caves of Ajanta-Ellora and many more. The temples of Khajuraho have existed for over a thousand years and the centuries old Delwara Jain temple are still standing tall. Generations have derived from its beauty, grace of line and sensuousness. All these work was executed not for renowned or individual self expression but out of dedication and discipline and pride in one’s craftsmanship. Every stone of a temple has its own thoughts and expressions behind it.

You will be estranged to know that there are so much of detailed study and research done by Sompuras for making a temple from the place to every individual stone and from foundation to the Dhwaja. All design have proportions, details and forms which are derived from intensive study of aspects like Nakshatras, Disha and name of the deities. You will be surprised to known that Steel is never used in traditional temple construction.

Sompura architects dedicated so many architectures to the world which can fill the music inside the stone and created so many stories in it. And still thet are continuing .