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About Sompura Sthapatya Foundation

The Mission Of Sompura Sthapatya Foundation in to create awareness & Promote Indian art, Culture and ancient architectural literature particularly among the young & Upcoming artists of Gujarat. We also propose to invite subject experts, academic professionals and temple planners from various parts of India & abroad to develop entrepreneurship among the young & to update ourselves.


Our aim is also to promote the science & technology of making new temples along with restoration and preservation of old ones. Sompura Sthapatya Foundation has been doing social & cultural activities to help the needy artisans & craftsmen at the national & international level.

We, at Sompura Sthapatya Foundation believe that the rich heritage of our Indian culture, art & craft not only to be preserved with care but also to pass on to young new generation.

The Best medium to parson this valuable heritage is the literature. Hense, we are also into publishing the art & craft books on making of temples alongwith the case studies of world famous Jain temples of Delwara(Mount Abu), Ranakpur, Modhera Sun Temple Khajuraho, Konark, Swaminarayan Temples & many more from all over the world. By Publishing books & literature, we also intend to preserve our heritageof art & culture. Literature creates awareness above our rich tradition and also inspired the young people to do their best in life & ultimately give back to the society for the benefit it all – “सर्वजन हिताय, सर्वजन सुखाय.”